Help collecting evidence for award entries

If you want to win an award, the key is proof. You need robust evidence that will convince even the most sceptical awards judge and prove that you are the best in the category.

Whether you want to write the award entry yourself or use Boost, our evaluation team can help you to identify and gather the right proof-points for your submission. With quick turnaround times and our expert understanding of what judges will be looking for, we can help you to substantiate your claims, out-evidence your competition and maximise your chances of winning.

We offer various services, including:

Evaluation Planning

Helping you to identify what you need to measure, how and when.

Customer/employee/stakeholder surveys

Designing and implementing quality surveys that ask the right questions and quantify real impact.

Competitor analysis

Proving to the judges that your organisation and/or its services are unique in the market.

Stakeholder interviews

Gathering survey responses and testimonials to provide colour and a human-aspect to your submission – a winning tactic to resonate with your judges.

Data analysis and reporting

Assessing the impact of your project, strategy or initiative, and presenting the findings with clear, ‘killer’ visuals that will draw the judges’ attention.

Calculating return on investment

ROI is awards gold dust. It often seems impossible to calculate, but speak to us and see what we can do for you, even in the most seemingly intangible of projects!

So many of our clients loved our evaluation services, they wanted additional help, separate to their award activities….

As demand for our evaluation services has grown, so has our team and our expertise – so much so that Boost Evaluation Ltd now exists as a company in its own right. Established in 2011, Boost Evaluation now helps hundreds of clients with a broad range of research and data analytic services, from HR dashboards to thought leadership studies.

“Boost evaluation far exceeded anything I could have imagined.”
“Quicker, more painless and less expensive than we ever thought possible.”
“Boost has excellent expertise in this area.”

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